What is the Hybrid program?
• Charis Hybrid is a unique blend of independent study and face-to-face time with other students.
• You’ll study courses at home, but then join your fellow classmates in person. This interaction will help you put into practice what you’ve studied on your own.
• This program allows for career/family obligations to be fulfilled whilst gaining a deeper understanding of the Word and growing in relationship with the Lord.
• It’s perfect for the individual who knows there’s more to life and wants to discover God’s purpose and plan – while maintaining their everyday life.

How does the program work?
• It’s a one-year course running from February to October (excluding holidays).
• On-campus classes will take place every second Saturday in a month.
• During school holidays when the college is closed, there will be no on-campus classes, however Hybrid students will still be required to complete studies on-line during this period.
• The core teachings will be watched online at home.
• The teachings are loaded in accordance with the timetable for the year, thus enabling all students to study at the same pace.
• Students complete one module per week (a module consists of up to 8 teaching sessions, each session is approx. 50 minutes in duration).
• Modules are automatically closed on-line at the end of the week period.
• A test is written after completion of each module.