Are you or someone you know in need of healing?

Have you ever asked these questions:

  • Does God always heal?
  • Does God use sickness to teach?
  • Is God waiting on a change in behavior before He heals?
  • If healing is for all, why aren’t all Christians healed when they pray?
  • Isn’t healing really just a natural result of positive thinking?

If you have, you’re not alone.

But for most, the questions still linger.
The correct answers to these and other questions will change the way you see God and your relationship with Him.
They will lay the foundation for healing in your life or that of someone you love.

Come and enjoy worship, teaching, fellowship and prayer ministry.

Every Last Thursday of the month @ 7pm 


Altron Conference Centre
Block C
241 3rd Road
Halfway Gardens
Midrand. (alongside the freeway at the N1 New Road offramp)

GPS Co-ordinates : South 25o 59.092 East 28o 07.391