Charis Bible College is not accredited with any government or private educational accreditation bodies either in the USA or South Africa.
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First Year – Becoming grounded in the Word of God

Charis Bible College believes in the importance of academics, but those who are going into the ministry must know how to minister! We strive for a balance between knowledge of Scripture and practical ministry experiences. 

About First Year Classes

First year courses include Relationship with God, Basics of Righteousness, Receiving from God, and Old Testament Survey, to name a few. The curriculum was designed to give students a solid biblical foundation with an emphasis on faith, grace and walking with the Holy Ghost through the work of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In addition to classes, first year students are required to volunteer 25 hours each term in practical ministry either in a local church, Charis Bible College, or other Charis approved ministries. 

Second Year – Practical application of the Word

Where the first year sets your foundation in the Word, the second year builds upon it with courses aimed at teaching you to share what you have learned with the world! The emphasis is on learning by doing.

About Second Year Classes

Second year courses such as New Testament Survey, Laws of the kingdom, Life of Christ, and Making of a Minister further progress your training. In addition to regular classes, students also engage in Inter-Action Groups (IAGs) – small workshops designed to help you fine tune and practice skills such as public speaking, preparing teachings, prayer, etc.


All second year students are required to go on a Charis-planned foreign mission trip as part of the requirements for graduation. We believe that mission trips are a valuable part of ministry training. Students learn how to function as a team in a foreign culture and unfamiliar surroundings, as well as how to share the Gospel and communicate through an interpreter. These are life-changing trips. Even if you don’t plan to minister on foreign fields, these trips will expand your world vision and grant you insight to help those who are called to missions.

Third Year – Get equipped for your calling

The Third Year Leadership Program is designed to help Charis Bible College graduates identify and be equipped in their calling. Students will take classes on practical ministry, leadership and business skills and will get opportunities to serve and lead within the college.

About Third Year Classes

Third Year courses include The Heart of a Pastor, The Evolution of Ministry, Anatomy of Revival, Developing Healthy Relationships, How to Teach, Purpose & Processes of a Successful Business, Basic CEO Training, Money Mastery, Raising Leaders, Developing Leadership in Ministry, and much more!

Acceptance into third year is not automatic upon completion of second year. Once an application is submitted, an interview may be conducted to assess the applicant’s suitability for the program.